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BWCS specialises in working with technology companies to maximise their business to business operations. We help industry regulators and governments make decisions which shape markets. We have a stable base of blue chip clients who rely on our expertise.

We have five areas of competency:

  • Market & opportunity definition
  • Business & marketing strategy
  • Modelling & policy
  • Interim management
  • Conferences

We operate in four sectors:

  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Defence & Security
  • Energy & Waste

We’ve been helping our clients in technology industries make the right decision. We do it with original thinking and commitment. We call it turning technology into business.


Session One

8.45 Registration and Coffee

9.15 Opening Speech – Welcome from BWCS

9.30 Recent European Rail Security Policy Developments and the Role of CCTVIvan Sørensen, European Commission, Directorate General, Mobility and Transport

10.00 Getting Best Value from RailCCTV and Future DevelopmentsAndy Odell, Police and SecurityLiaison Officer at the Association of Train Operating Companies, UK

10.30-10.45 Coffee

10.45 Real-time Wireless CCTV forTransportation: Seoul Subwayand Mumbai Metro• Networking problems and solutions• Lessons learned• Future applicationsLuigi Portaluri, Vice President EMEA, Firetide, Inc.

11.15 Automating a 150 Year OldMetro

The Vision• The need for Train CCTV• Supporting Communication Services• Access to Wireless SpectrumIan Hart, Professional Head of Telecommunications Engineering, London Underground, Transport for London

11.45 The Current and Future Role of CCTV on Swiss TrainsHans Peter Blaser, Head of Video Surveillance on Trains, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB)

12.15 Panel Session – Where WillCCTV on Trains go in the future?• Driverless Trains• Instant Image Interrogation• Wireless Backhaul

12.45-2.00 LunchSession Two

2.00 CCTV the Northern Way• Northern Rail – the Largest Train Operator in the UK and significant challenges.

Inheriting obsolete CCTV equipment and poor mainte nance standards and the challenge for the Crime Management Team• Innovation and creativity and some unique rail CCTV solutions • The recently launched mobile CCTV unitMartyn Guiver, Head of Crime Management, Northern Rail

2.30 The Effective Use of CCTV as aSafety Tool• The role that CCTV plays in improving safety performance• Applications of station and on-train equipmentContinued… • Benefits and problems: LOROL’s experienceSimon Ward, Head of Safety Quality & Environment, London Overground Rail Operations

3.00 Speed Networking – and coffee

3.45 Real World Performance of Train-to-Track Wireless Video Transmission Systems: Operational Application Examples and the Benefits of Emerging TechnologyMark Marriage, CTO, COE

4.15 The Future for on-Train Security and CCTV Services• Market Trends and Challenges• Keep customer needs• Interdependent System IntegrationAlain Attias, Product Manager for on-board CCTV, Alstom

4.45 Design Criteria for CCTV Systemsin Railways environment – casestudy: The Israel RailwaysENG. Joseph Gordon, President of G. Team Security

5.20 Closing remarks BWCS

5.30 Cocktails

Day 2 November 17th

Session Three

9.15 BWCS Welcome

9.30 CCTV: Aspects and Experiences of Public Transport Operators• CCTV as a Security measure• Role of CCTV within Operational and Security context• Lifecycle of CCTV • A Vision for the futureThomas Kritzer, Deputy Head, Department Metro Operations, WienerLinien, Austria, Chair UITP Security Commission

10.00 Embedded CCTV in a Global CCTVSystem • RATP and current CCTV use: security and traffic regulation • The rise of video analysis and future plans • Problems of high intensity passenger traffic, and quality of images• Difficulty of getting live images from the trains• RATP and future researchJean-Luc Planchet, Head of Researchand Innovation, RATP, France

10.30 -10.45 Coffee

10.45 Rail CCTV Developments in the Netherlands and Europe• Establishing the right procedures in rail CCTV services• Keeping the different partners happy• Using the system correctly • Rights and responsibilitiesPeter Prak, Security Programme Manager, ProRail, Netherlands

11.15 Surveillance CCTV Systems at Stations and Network Rail Premises • The existing application of surveillance CCTV systems on NR infrastructure.

Moving from analogue CCTV systems to IP based CCTV systems• Ensuring equipment is fit for purpose on Network Rail infrastructureMatthew Jewitt, Senior Technology Engineer (SISS & CCTV), Network Rail

11.45 Proactive Monitoring of CCTV • The benefits of proactive monitoring • How First Capital Connect does this• Examples of successTony Holland, Crime Prevention Manager, First Capital Connect

12.15 Panel Session – Future SecurityRequirements of CCTV SystemsOlympic CCTV developmentsSoftware developments

12.45-1.45 LunchSession Four

2.00 The Future for CCTV and On-trainApplications• The importance of backhaul to CCTV• Current solutions• Future plansMartin Bergek, Icomera

2.30 Rail CCTV – Defeating Crime andTerrorismPaul Crowther, Deputy Chief Constable, British Transport PoliceBarcelona Metro*

3.00 – 3.35 Coffee

3.35 Man Versus Machine: Assessing the Relative Performance of Automated Analytics Against Human Operators• The latest developments from the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology• Thermal imagery and other non- visible band detection systems•

New initiatives on adding video analytics capability as part of a security solution – compared to human operators alone Dr Kingsley Sage, Centre for AppliedScience and Technology, Home Office Science

4.05 Overview of the recently published Rail CCTV StandardDave Gorshkov , Chair of the Transport CCTV